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Wastewater Contract Operations


Utility Services provides certified operations, maintenance & repair services and laboratory testing making us one solution.  Our mission is to handle all of your wastewater management issues so you have less hassle.


Is our service cost effective?


We understand the bottom line is critical to the facility owner, and that is why we’re flexible in our approach to providing cost effective, competitive rates.  However, while many people base the selection process on the lowest proposed contract price, we believe the cheaper service can cost you much more in the long run. 


Our service area...

We have certified operators across the US. That means we're in your neighborhood.


What about reliability?


Utility Services has a solid track record. We look after your long-term investment and understand the value of positive, pro-active maintenance.  We also understand long-term financial management of a wastewater system.


You’ll find working with our wastewater professionals a positive experience.  We provide a complete portfolio of solutions for your wastewater issues, so find out more for yourself. Reach out today.

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