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Drinking Water Contract Operations


Utility Services provides skilled and certified drinking water operators able manage all day to day operations and on-site testing to keep your facility in compliance with State and EPA regulations.  Our mission is to be able to handle all of your drinking water management issues so you don’t have to deal with several different organizations.

Why hire Utility Services as your Certified Operator?

We understand and appreciate that owners have ultimate responsibility for ensuring their water supply facility receives proper operation and distributes safe, potable water.  That’s why our operators stay familiar with the ever-changing state and federal regulations and are trained to control all machinery, perform all required tests, maintain each facility’s records, handle any complaints, and complete repairs and regular maintenance. Our operators are also on-call 24/7 in case of emergency.

Who manages all required reporting?

Utility Services will complete, submit, and maintain records for reports such as the monthly report of operations, bacteriological sampling site plan, maintenance log, wellhead protection plan, emergency contingency plan, and chain of custody forms for all laboratory samples.



Is cost savings important?


We offer a large scope of services and believe in pro-active maintenance, not re-active maintenance.  We have certified operators available across the country so couriering your samples is cost effective.  We're already in your neighborhood.

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