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Backflow Device Testing and Certification

Utility Services is dedicated to simplifying your backflow prevention needs including testing, certification, surveys, service and maintenance in Indiana. We provide affordable, professional services and posses the experience and ability to manage all sizes and models of backflow prevention assemblies.  Since backflow testing and certification is required by law, we strive to provide complete and reliable backflow prevention service and keep your cost low.

I never had my Backflow Device tested before, why now?

When your backflow preventer was installed it was tested prior to plumbing inspection, but because of the large number of existing backflow preventers in various cities it is not easy for municipalities to keep you informed of when your backflow preventer is due to be tested. However, due to increased awareness of the importance of protecting our potable water, many cities are taking better steps to enforce all backflow devices to be tested and certified twice per year.

Who is responsible for the testing?

Legally, the purveyor of the water supply is responsible for the cleanliness and potability of the water supply, and for implementing and maintaining a cross-connection control program.  However, from the outlet of the water meter or service connection including all piping downstream to the furthest extent of the piping system inside the owner’s premises, is the property owner’s responsibility.


Why should I call Utility Services?

We understand the importance of protecting you by keeping your backflow device(s) certified.  Not only are our backflow technicians reliable and helpful, but we maintain an electronic database of all tests, and notify the you of an upcoming certification requirement. Testing is scheduled at your convenience and we are recognized by all local water purveyors as a qualified backflow testing company.  We are here to help you comply with local, state, and EPA regulations.

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